National Trust for Historic Preservation Grant Awarded

National Trust for Historic Preservation awards (FROGG - Friends and Residents of the Greater Gowanus) A Preservation Grant from National Trust for Historic Preservation Funds Grant will go toward promoting the history and preserving the unique character of the Gowanus Canal Corridor.  FROGG is working to place the Gowanus Canal Corridor on the National Register of Historic Places as an Urban Industrial District.In May FROGG was awarded $10,000 grant by the National Trust for Historic Preservation from the Elizabeth and Robert Jeffe Preservation Fund for New York City. The seed grant will be used to conduct a survey by a certified architectural historian of the significant buildings, other structures and scenic vistas of the Gowanus Corridor. The anticipated outcome of the survey will provide justification that the Gowanus possess a concentration, linkage or continuity of sites to make up an historically significant industrial district.   "Without organizations like FROGG, communities and towns across America would have a diminished sense of place," said Stephanie Meeks, president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. "The National Trust for Historic Preservation is honored to provide a grant to FROGG, which will use the funds to help preserve an important piece of our shared heritage.   "The National Trust for Historic Preservation dispenses grants for local projects through the National Trust Preservation Funds Grant Program. The grants range from $500 to $5000 and have provided over $5,5 million dollars of funding since 2002. They are awarded to nonprofit groups, educational institutions and public agencies and must be matched, at least dollar for dollar, with public or private funds. Preservation Funds grants are being used nationally for such wide-ranging activities as consultant services for rehabilitating buildings, technical assistance for tourism that promotes historic resources and educating children about their heritage. These grants are often the deciding factor on whether historic buildings or sites can be saved for future generations.   For more information on National Trust for Historic Preservation's Preservation Fund grants, visit here.   FROGG is dedicated to preserving the buildings, structures, places and open spaces for adaptive re-use, and to preserve the landmarks and architecturally significant structures for future generations and to preserve the natural and industrial beauty of the Gowanus and to protect the Gowanus Canal Corridor from overdevelopment.   The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit membership organization bringing people together to protect, enhance and enjoy the places that matter to them. By saving the places where great moments from history - and the important moments of everyday life - took place, the national register for historic Preservation helps revitalize neighborhoods and communities, spark economic development and promote environmental sustainability. With headquarters in Washington, D.C. nine regional and field offices, 29 historic sites and partner organizations in all 50 states, the National Trust for Historic preservation provides leadership, education, advocacy and resources to a national network of people, organizations and local communities committed to saving places, connecting us to our history and collectively shaping the future of America's stories.

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